The CRCL is a research structure created in 2011 and affiliated with the University Claude Bernard Lyon1, the national health and research bodies (Inserm and CNRS), the anticancer Léon Bérard center (CLB) and with the Lyon Civic Hospital (HCL) as clinical partner. The CRCL comprises 22 research teams organized into 3 scientific departments, totaling over 440 people. The CRCL’s research is nationally renowned though its participation in major collaborative projects, such as the “DEVweCan” LabEx project and the “LYRIC” project (Site for integrated cancer research). The main goal of the CRCL is to achieve international recognition attracting national and international researchers and to become a European leading institution in oncology research.

              For more information, please visit our website: www.crcl.fr

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    Chargé de projet communication scientifique
    Centre de recherche en cancérologie de Lyon (CRCL)
    UMR Inserm 1052 CNRS 5286 Mixte CLB
    Centre Léon Bérard Cheney D  - 2e étage
    28 rue Laennec
    69373 Lyon Cedex 08 France
    Pierre Chaumont
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